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How to register IP+hostname on DNS with AD-domain joined Linux with SSSD:




Excel – how to compare two sheets

Reference article:


remove-user -identity UPN

wait synchro

disable-mailbox UPN -permanentlydisable -ignorelegalhold



You can create your own NDA / Terms of Use policies:


Access to the portal:







MCAS and AIP:–AIP-Integrations?term=AIP&lang-en=true


Security Community:

Microsoft security compliance toolkit:

Il remplace Security Compliance Manager. Cet outil permet de planifier, créer, et monitorer des baselines de sécurité pour vos postes clients. Le remplacement a été choisi par Microsoft du fait de la complexité de SCM et de la difficulté à maintenir l’outil pour chaque version de Windows. Aujourd’hui, SCT ne supporte pas Desired Configuration Management de System Center Configuration Manager ou SCAP.

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2012 R2 hardening (CIS):

Windows 10 hardening:




How to change Users folder from default location to the D: drive ?


Note: You Change All Users Profile Path. For That You Have To Change “ProfileDirectory” Path From ProfileList key (see above). Its Applicable For New User Login !





To test SSL/TLS and much more you can use the free online tool from Qualys:


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