Introducing the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerShell Pack


Today, the Windows 7 Resource Kit should be available in stores, and the PowerShell Pack is available for download on code gallery.

The PowerShell Pack contains over 800 scripts in 10 different modules.  Here’s a brief overview:

Create rich user interfaces quick and easily from Windows PowerShell. Think HTA, but easy. Over 600 scripts to help you build quick user interfaces.  To get started learning how to write rich WPF UIs in script, check out Writing User Interfaces with WPK.

Supercharge your scripting in the Integrated Scripting Environment with over 35 shortcuts.

List scheduled tasks, create or delete tasks

Monitor files and folders, check for duplicate files, and check disk space

Explore loaded types, find commands that can work with a type, and explore how you can use PowerShell, DotNet and COM together

Convert, rotate, scale, and crop images and get image metadata

Harness the FeedStore from PowerShell

Get Operating System or Hardware Information

Get the users on a system, check for elevation, and start-processaadministrator

Generates PowerShell scripts, C# code, and P/Invoke

I’ll be posting a lot more about these modules in the next weeks, both here and on Channel9, but you can start exploring the modules now by checking out the PowerShellPack on code gallery.  I will also be tweeting some cool tidbits about the PowerShell Pack under the tags: #PowerShellPack, #WPK and #IsePack

I’ll also be on Hal Rotenberg’s PowerScripting Podcast tonight talking about the PowerShell Pack.