Starwind brings storage high-availability with version 5.0

StarWind iSCSI SAN software is a storage virtualization software which turns any standard 64-bit or 32-bit Windows Server into a fail-safe SAN that uses an existing Ethernet network. StarWind Enterprise HA is a special High Availability edition which uses Synchronous Data Mirroring with Active-Active Automated Failover and Failback technology, allowing the storage to continue operating properly in the event of a failure. This technology permits you to configure an Active-Active 2 Node storage cluster which ensures a highly reliable and fault tolerant storage.

So for building those Hyper-V clusters, Starwind certainly brings added value to the scene, by providing storage high-availability over iSCSI.

Enterprise-class features of StarWind HA include:

Synchronous Data Mirroring: real-time data mirroring to another storage server

High Availability / Automated Failover: fault tolerant technology eliminates single point of failure

Failback with Fast Synchronization: failback to an original system after an automated failover

Remote / Asynchronous Replication: replicates your storage remotely across a WAN

CDP & Snapshots: captures point-in-time snapshots with unlimited rollback points

Thin Provisioning: allocates space dynamically for highly efficient disk utilization

Server Clustering: provides shared storage for High Availability server clustering

Advanced High Speed Caching: advanced caching to accelerate I/O performance

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