Although Sharepoint can tie into and use AD security credentials for authorization, there are limitations in this concept when you use AD groups for granting security rights.
If an administrator wants to grant all the members of an AD group rights to a site collection, for example, he or she can add them from within Sharepoint, but there’s n o way within the administration interface to determine who is member of a specific group instead, the administrator needs to leave Sharepoint and use a different tool such MMC ADUC to determine the membership of the group.
There’s no easy way, native way to overcome this limitation from within Sharepoint, but they are third-party administration solutions for Sharepoint and custom-built utilities that perform LDAP lookups against AD to help overcome this annoyance.
One solution, and RSSBut web part, allows this type of functionality:
AD list groups and users, AD custom Ldap search query, AD change password, Email site users: