By using AdRestore.exe or ADRestore.NET, you can implement tombstone reanimation method to restore deleted objects from Active Directory database easily.

AdRestore.exe Formerly Sysinternals and now Microsoft, Mark Russinovich has created a command-line freeware application called ADRestore. The tool enumerates all of the currently tombstoned objects in a domain and allows you to restore them selectively, and provides a convenient command-line interface for using the Active Directory reanimation functionality.

You can download this tool from here:

ADRestore.NET Restoring objects with Guy Teverovsky has written a GUI version that allows you to easily restore deleted AD objects. I found this tool will help you a lot when you need to restore more than one deleted objects, for example, an OU contains some objects.

You can download the ADRestore.NET here:

Here the demo steps: I deleted an OU named Accounting contained some objects including users and groups. Enumerating Tombstones First restore the OU. Then restore the other objects one by one. Until the last object Then view the result You can see from the steps above that using ADRestore.NET will be a lot of easier to restore more than one objects: