In a Domain based DFS implementation, what are the advantages\drawbacks of using the Netbios name v.s. using the DNS fully qualified name ?
e.g \\NetbiosDomainName\RootName v.s \\DNSDomainName\RootName

NetBIOS name system is flat. In your case it means, that you can face future problems with NetBIOS name resolution (if you have no WINS server
in your network or if Netbios Over TCPIP is disabled at the Network Interface level, you will unable find you DFS root in other segments of network.


By default DFS using NetBIOS referrals. This was a problem switching between on-site, ipsec tunneled sites, and pptp road warriors. You want to disable NetBIOS on all connections and focus on DNS. Here’s some helpful stuff.

Then on clients that have problems do

  1. net use * /delete                                                                       ; Disconnects existing connections to shares
  2. nbtstat -R                                                                                     ; Flushes the netbios name cache
  3. ipconfig /flushdns                                                                    ; Flushes the dns cache
  4. rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr                    ; Opens the password manager for you to delete remembered passwords.

Force DFS to use DNS instead of NetBIOS:

Other resource:

DFSUTIL command line examples: