• If you want target Dell (Quest) ARS service using powershell v2 and you are located behind a firewall:

Web Site Config Wizard not only connects to IIS to create new IIS site, but also connects to ARS Admin Service and improts new customization settings.

To do that it need to connect to remote  ARS  Admin Service via its native API (DCOM/RPC).

For a list of ports that need to be open to connect to ARS Admin Service via firewall, please see this KB article:


  • If you want to use Powershell v2 scripts targeting W2k8 R2 or above and you are located behind a firewall:

You must request to open the following FW ports:

WinRM 1.1 and earlier:  The default HTTP port is 80, and 443 in HTTPS

WinRM 2.0:  The default HTTP port is 5985 and 5986 in HTTPS


WinRM troubleshooting: http://blogs.technet.com/b/jonjor/archive/2009/01/09/winrm-windows-remote-management-troubleshooting.aspx