Dear all,

recently I was looking for a cheaper solution for server management (and monitoring) as an alternative to the biggest (and expensive) offers from the market ( MS System Center, IBM Tivoli, BMC Bladelogic…) here is the list of interesting products I selected for you:

PA Server Monitor :   (pros: best compromise for Windows-based computers)

Site Monitor:

Server scheck:



Logic Monitor:



Monitis: (cloud-based solution)

Woodstone server alive:


UptimeSoftware server monitoring:

SolarWinds – Application and server mgmt:

WhatsUp Gold- Gold Premium:

ManageEngine OpManager:

Sciencelogic EM7:

GFI Network Server Monitor:


Paessler :  PRTG Network Monitor:

Zenoss core:

Spiceworks : Spiceworks Help Desk & Network Monitoring Platform: (free) (pros: best compromise for srv and app monitoring)

OpenNMS : (free) (more for Linux-based computers)

Nagios: (free)

Ganglia: (free)

Cacti: (free)

Munin: (free)

Host tracker: (free)

BasicState: (free)

Montastic: (free)

finally, I found other studies here: AND