Logon Script from AD User Profile Tab Not Working:

When specifying the logon script via the user account ensure you do not enter a full UNC path or DFS path.

\\domain.local\scripts\logon.bat does not work.

logon.bat does does work.

The logon script field in the user account properties automatically points to the netlogon directory.

if you want absolutely start a logon script using a UNC path or DFS path, on the logon script field,
the idea is to use a script “launcher” that will call the other script located on UNC or DFS path,
in our example, on the logon script field enter:
copy launcher.bat under \\domain.local\netlogon
the launcher.bat should contain:
@echo off
call \\domain.local\scripts\logon.bat
one advantage to use this launcher is: for security reason you don’t give the right to the end-users
to update the NETLOGON share, you can share the \\domain.local\scripts and give the rights to
update this directory.