On Windows 2008/R2 running Symantec DLO on HP-based physical servers with 8 cores and 16Gb of RAM consumes 15Gb of physical RAM !!!


taskman, procexp from sysinternals, then RAMMAP from sysinternals reveals SYSTEM CACHE exhaustion occupied by METAFILE memory.


There is an article explaining very well this phenomenon:



Which points you to the download for the Microsoft Windows Dynamic Cache Service:

1) Copy DynCache.exe to %SystemRoot%\System32.

2) From a command prompt, run:  sc create DynCache binpath= %SystemRoot%\System32\DynCache.exe start= auto type= own DisplayName= “Dynamic Cache Service”

3) Import the DynCache.reg registry file.  This registry file contains default settings that you will probably want to modify.

Other means:

I have also had limited success with using the CacheSet utility from Sysinternals:

Using it from the command line, you can initiate a “flush” by running: CacheSet.exe 1 1

There is a discussion on other options using CacheSet on the Sysinternals forum: