How to start bginfo at startup on W2k8 R2 or Win7 or greater?

download the bginfo utility from

copy under a local directory: exemple c:\util\bginfo

start bginfo and customize, then save the custom file under c:\util\bginfo\bgicfg.bgi

Create also a text file (to add the name of the IT service and a phone number, then save the custom text file under c:\util\bginfo\bgitext.txt

create a registry file instbginfo.reg and copy it under c:\util\bginfo dir and which should contain:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“BGInfo”=”C:\\util\\bginfo\\Bginfo.exe C:\\util\\bginfo\\bgicfg.bgi /silent /timer:0 /accepteula /rtf:c:\\util\\bginfo\\bgitext.txt

to install:

regedit /s instbginfo.reg