How to clone an existing GPO controlled by AGPM?

Note: AGPM stands for: advanced group policy management and part of MDOP (concerns company under SA)


We recently implemented AGPM. I’ve successfully performed a creation of a new GPO from a template, edited it, checked it in, & deployed it into production. Now I want to make a copy of that GPO and modify it for re-deployment. I can still copy the GPO from the “GPO” container and paste it there copying along with the security permsissions as before… but it doesn’t show up in the “Change Control” folder. What are the steps for accomplishing this with AGPM enabled?


Control a Previously Uncontrolled GPO

Request Control of an Uncontrolled GPO:

You can also save previous GPO as template and create new controlled GPO based on the template. For your reference:  Create a New Controlled GPO: