IE 10 Prompting for credentials – Windows Authentication in IIS

When using IE7, IE8, or IE9, the domain user can access the web site without being prompted for a password

When using IE10, the user is prompted everytime.  Is there a setting I can change on IIS or somewhere else to prevent being prompted in IE10?

if IE10 performs Intranet zone detection differently than IE6/7/8/9, that’s news to me!

these articles explain a little how it’s supposed to work:

  • As long as it’s a domain member on a local network, IIS uses the credentials of the person logged in to the workstation and will not prompt.

    If the workstation is not a domain member, or it’s a public site behind a firewall/proxy, you’ll get a prompt.

    The probelm you see is a browser issue, not an IIS one.  IE won’t pass credentials to a site unless it’s in the intranet security zone or the same domain.  IP addresses aren’t a domain or machine name so IE sees tham as internet zone and won’t pass credentials.  To fix this, add the IP address to the intranet zone in IE’s security tab.

I think you should check to see if the pc in question does have some different settings in the proxy/connection configuration area of IE?

  • is the page being zoned into the “Local Intranet” zone by IE10 ? (confirm the current zone by checking the page properties)

    in the security settings for that zone, is User Auth -> Logon, set to automatic logon ?
    (this is an IE9 screengrab)

    comparing these settings to a machine that has IE7/8/9, are there differences?