How to rename a internal ADFS server or ADFS proxy server ?

Before to proceed, please make sure that locally on computer certificate store, you have valid certificates without trace of previous server names.

Also, check the serviceprincipalname of the ADFS service account


Create DNS A records with static IP for new ADFS server names (internals + proxies)

Then you can now change the server name using the Control Panel, System applet and RESTART the SERVER to TAKE EFFECT.

Normally it is enough and there is nothing to change on the WID database


But to check the WID or SQL Database:

Download and install SQL server management studio on the Primary Federation Server:

Start SQL management studio in ADMINISTRATOR MODE (mandatory else access denied even if you have local admin rights)


Connect to the WID with the SQL mgmt. studio at:


For checking Instance name launch this SQL Query:

Stop service: AD FS Windows Service

To rename Windows Internal Database instance launch this SQL Query:

syntax: “sp_dropserver ‘oldservername\instance name’ ”



sp_addserver ‘NEWSERVERNAME\MICROSOFT##WID’, local