This article will explain how to repair the windows update and its components.

During certain circumstances; windows update can be frozen on Windows OS and downloads can be blocked;

I tested for you this procedure, because I experienced this problem just after installation of Windows 10 1511 in a computer. To solve my problem I followed successfully this procedure:


note: I found this script here to reset windows update: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Reset-Windows-Update-Agent-d824badc


a) Eventvwr: system log, source: windowsupdateclient

b) To get the windows update log: use this powershell cmdlet: get-windowsupdatelog

PS C:\Windows\system32> get-windowsupdatelog

Converting C:\Windows\logs\WindowsUpdate into C:\Users\jdalbera\Desktop\WindowsUpdate.log …
    Directory: C:\Users\jdalbera\AppData\Local\Temp\WindowsUpdateLog