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Really nice presentation of the Office 365 launch project kick off from Continental that happened recently.

Continental is a globally acting company with 150K users, 500 locations in 50 countries.


Here are the projects/work streams they have put in place:

  • Project Business & Future Work Style – in charge of Business Requirements and driving the New Work Style
  • Project IT – launching O365 and decommissioning existing systems
  • Work stream Technical Integration – integrating into the existing landscape
  • Work stream Communication & Learning – find ways to train the 150K users
  • Work Stream Support Functions – dealing/coordinating Legal, Data Protection, Purchasing topics
  • Work Stream Future Work & Change – Design the journey for People to get into Office 365
  • Work Stream Service Management & IT Operations – including Testing
  • Work Stream Requirements & Solutions – bridge between IT and Business Topics

It’s a mixture of people from IT, HR, Legal, ….


RDS – Tips and Tricks

RDS 2012 R2, RDS 2016 Tips and Tricks:


RDS diagnostic tool:


How to send a message:

Sending a message to all users that are logged on to a specific terminal server can be done using msg:

msg /server:<servername> * “<Type your message here.>”

PowerShell to send a message:


How to sent a message to all users connected to a RDS server ?


Open a Command prompt in admin mode and type msg * "your message here"

For instance:




As a general best practice, you should simplify your site topology and site link costs as much as possible if you enable the Try Next Closest Site setting. In enterprises with many hub sites, this can simplify any plans that you make for handling situations in which clients in one site need to fail over to a domain controller in another site.

By default, the Try Next Closest Site setting is not enabled. When the setting is not enabled, DC Locator uses the following algorithm to locate a domain controller:

  • Try to find a domain controller in the same site.
  • If no domain controller is available in the same site, try to find any domain controller in the domain.

How to:


Splunk 2017 conference




Windows 2003 Supports:

  • SNMPv2x

Windows 2008 Supports:

  • SNMPv1 and SNMPv2

Windows 2012 does not Support SNMP:

  • SNMP is deprecated. Instead, use the Common Information Model (CIM), which is supported by the WS-Management web services protocol and implemented as Windows Remote Management.

Test if SNMP devices are responding correctly to SNMP queries: