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Q1. Well…how do automatic updates work? Can I control them?

A1.  A default install of Office 365 ProPlus is configured to update automatically from the cloud.  Separately, each month a new build of Office 365 ProPlus is released in the cloud.  When a computer with Office 365 ProPlus detects that a new build is available, the difference – or delta – between the new build and the existing one is streamed down in the background.  Updates are then installed when Office apps/processes aren’t running. So, with the default configuration Office 365 ProPlus, you will always be up-to-date. IT Pros can customize the configuration by controlling if updates are searched and applied automatically and/or from which source this will happen.  (More on this in Managing Updates for Office 365 ProPlus – Part 2.)


Q4. I use WSUS and/or System Center Configuration Manager to manage Office updates today.  Can I continue to use these products to update Office 365 ProPlus?

A4.  Automatic updates is a servicing model built into Office 365 ProPlus, and provides the ability to be always up to date, or “evergreen”, with security and functionality enhancements.  Office 365 ProPlus updates are not provided via Windows Update.  Some environments may prefer to use their existing software distribution tool to manage updates for Office 365 ProPlus, and this can be facilitated using the Office Deployment Tool.  Check out the References section below for more information.


How to use ODT for O365?