How do I create a registry value in a remote computer in PowerShell ?

To create a registry value remotely: Example: PS D:\> enter-pssession -computername server.mydomain.local [server.mydomain.local]: PS C:\Users\admin\documents> set-itemproperty -path HKLM:\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\NTDS\Parameters -Name “Maximum Audit Queue Size” -value 0x61a8 [server.mydomain.local]: PS C:\Users\admin\Documents> exit-pssession Links:

AD – How to audit weak passwords?

Behind this catchy title is a real need. As a system administrator, it may be worthwhile to audit all of your organization’s Active Directory accounts to assess the level of security for user accounts. Let’s see how we do it! Web resources and Methods: Part1: ntdsutil ntdsutil: activate instance ntds ntdsutil: ifm ifm: createContinue reading “AD – How to audit weak passwords?”