Azure VMs

Azure VM network concepts: Azure GitHub references: Create VM: Manage VM:   Run PowerShell scripts in your Windows VM with Run Command: Run Command uses the VM agent to run PowerShell scripts within an Azure Windows VM. These scripts can be used for general machine or application management and canContinue reading “Azure VMs”

Windows – Desired State Configuration

Overview: Blog:¬† DSC resource kit: Troubleshooting DSC: DSCEA: readme:¬†  

Active Directory – move FSMO roles

When you create a domain, all FSMO roles assigned to the first domain controller in the forest by default. You can transfer FSMO roles from one DC to another both the Active Directory graphics snap-ins and the PowerShell command line. To get FSMO role: netdom query fsmo Moving FSMO roles using AD PowerShell has theContinue reading “Active Directory – move FSMO roles”

Backup and Restore DHCP

How to export and import DHCP database Note: be careful, when backup/restore DHCP. Remove the failover configuration on source DHCP before to perform a backup. Try netsh dhcp export / import => this old method will not backup the FAILOVER settings. So it will help in your case to restore only the scopes.  Continue reading “Backup and Restore DHCP”