Azure AD – APP registration concepts

App registration concepts: The application registration in your tenant enables you and others to authenticate against your Azure Active Directory. Another option is to authentication through an application secret. A default application registration on its own cannot do much more than validating that the user has valid login credentials. Video: Example: Create Client IdContinue reading “Azure AD – APP registration concepts”

Windows DNS – how to block queries or domains

I got request form IT Security team to block DNS query malware in DNS Service. They guide me with follow this link.  ex: Add-DnsServerQueryResolutionPolicy -Name “BlockListPolicy” -Action IGNORE -FQDN “EQ,*.onion” -PassThru Unfortunately, this PowerShell command works only Windows server 2016 or greater. For previous versions read those articles: third-party DNS firewall: reading “Windows DNS – how to block queries or domains”

Microsoft Graph / Graph API

Introduction: The Microsoft Graph APIs exposes RESTful services. This makes it very flexible because REST is compatible with almost any modern platform programming languages. The exchange format is essentially in JSON and it can be encapsulated into the HTTPS transport security. The central point of Microsoft Graph is the concept of User, the authentication andContinue reading “Microsoft Graph / Graph API”

Azure – How to know who have created specific resource?

Reference:   By default the log events are stored for 90 days. You have to archive the logs to storage account if you want to keep more than 90 days.     By default log is stored in 90 days you have to archive the logs to storage account if you want to keepContinue reading “Azure – How to know who have created specific resource?”

Azure Automation

Introduction: How to: Getting Around the Basics of Azure Automation for Office 365 Automation runbook gallery: Redirect Azure automation output to a file ( or blob container in Azure terminology) ? Process automation for Intune and AzureAD: Process automation for Intune and Azure AD with Azure Automation

Understanding Splunk

Understanding SPL syntax: Comment fonctionne Splunk: Comment fonctionne Splunk ? Le glossaire du SPL Chart : pour obtenir un graphe Timechart : pour obtenir un graphe en fonction du temps Top : pour obtenir les premiers résultats Count : pour désigner le nombre d’événements, de la même façon que le faitContinue reading “Understanding Splunk”