Azure and Office365 resources

Here are resources about Azure and Office365, let me summarize: Office365 : is an offer of MS services and hosted applications – Saas ; in clear you pay for a service (sharepoint,exchange,office…) and you don’t manage the infra behind (like CPU,RAM,Storage,Security) Azure: is a cloud (private/public) offer – paas/Iaas ; compared to Office365, MS provideContinue reading “Azure and Office365 resources”

Azure and Office 365 – well known web portals

Yes, so here is a list (not exhaustive) of Microsoft office365, Azure portals : https://login.microsoftonline.comĀ

AzureAD – Disable stale devices

Reference article: Tips on PowerShell Modules for Managing Stale Devices   Main cmdlets: get-msoldevice disable-msoldevice remove-msoldevice   Examples: To list all devices: Get-MsolDevice -all -includesystemmanageddevices | select-object -Property Enabled, DeviceId, DisplayName, DeviceTrustType, ApproximateLastLogonTimestamp | export-csv devicelist.csv To disable a device: Get-MsolDevice -Name ‘DESKTOP-454542TR’ $devID = (Get-MsolDevice -Name ‘DESKTOP-454542TR’).DeviceId Disable-MSOLDevice -DeviceId $devID or Disable-MSOLDevice -DeviceIdContinue reading “AzureAD – Disable stale devices”

Azure networking resources

Azure networking techniques and resources (FR and US): IP addresses in Azure: youtube video: Outbound connections in Azure: Network security groups: Express Route in a nutshell: You can link up to 10 virtual networks to a standard ExpressRoute circuit. All virtual networks must be in the same geopoliticalContinue reading “Azure networking resources”

Azure AD Resources

Azure AD availability: Azure AD blog: Domains FAQ: Domain take over: Azure tips and tricks: Azure subscription and naming convention: Azure RBAC: Manage VM: Main: Azure cost calculator: White papers: Azure health status: Choose the right authentication method: AzureAD connect: OtherContinue reading “Azure AD Resources”

Azure AD – Securing Identity platform

Reference article: Doc to disable the user consent: Best practices: There are many aspects to a secure Identity infrastructure, but this five-step checklist will help you quickly accomplish a safer and secure identity infrastructure: Strengthen your credentials. Reduce your attack surface area. Automate threat response. Increase your awareness of auditing and monitoring. EnableContinue reading “Azure AD – Securing Identity platform”

MS Cloud App Security (MCAS)

MCAS main page: MCAS – how to investigate anomaly detection alerts: Microsoft Cloud App Security provides security detections and alerts for malicious activities. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with general and practical information on each alert MCAS and AIP:–AIP-Integrations?term=AIP&lang-en=true Security Community: