How to determine which version of .net framework is installed?

Reference: Microsoft .net Framework is a software package that is used by many applications, it runs in a software environment as opposed to hardware environment. Free program called .NET Version Detector ( download here ). PowerShell: how to get version of .net framework on a remote computer: To query the local Registry usingContinue reading “How to determine which version of .net framework is installed?”

Free Tools for System and Network or DB Administrators

Free tools for Windows sysadmin   – Find string if files on Windows: using findstr /s /i findstr /s /i /C:”provider=sqloledb” d:\dir\*.* Find and replace string in file (Find and Replace == fnr) : other tool requiring also JAVE: FAR – Test SSL and TLS: _Well-known online tools for network engineers: reading “Free Tools for System and Network or DB Administrators”

Software: Jenkins

software: Jenkins est un outil open source d’intégration continue, fork de l’outil Hudson après les différends entre son auteur, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, et Oracle. Écrit en Java, Jenkins fonctionne dans un conteneur de servlets tel qu’Apache Tomcat, ou en mode autonome avec son propre serveur Web embarqué. Il s’interface avec des systèmes de gestion deContinue reading “Software: Jenkins”