How to determine which version of .net framework is installed?

Reference: Microsoft .net Framework is a software package that is used by many applications, it runs in a software environment as opposed to hardware environment. Free program called .NET Version Detector ( download here ). PowerShell: how to get version of .net framework on a remote computer: To query the local Registry usingContinue reading “How to determine which version of .net framework is installed?”

Event Logging policy settings in Windows Server/Computer

Slow boots and slow logons – How to use Xperf,Xbootmgr, Procmon, WPA?

Troubleshooting slow logons: Logon process: Tools for troubleshooting: And powershell: Analyze GPOs load time:   How to use Xperf, Xbootmgr, Procmon, WPA? xperf;xbootmgr;xperfview comes from Windows ADK (Windows performance toolkit sub part). Procmon is a sysinternal tool. Other interesting articles:  Continue reading “Slow boots and slow logons – How to use Xperf,Xbootmgr, Procmon, WPA?”

How to use WUSA to install hotfixes

wusa <update>.msu /quiet /norestart /log example: wusa d:\hotfixes\Windows8.1-KB29456426.msu /quiet /norestart You can use the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) to view the installed updates on your computer: wmic qfe list Caption CSName Description FixComments HotFixID InstallDate InstalledBy InstalledOn Name ServicePackInEffect Status Else If the WMIC output is difficult to read, you can use Systeminfo instead,Continue reading “How to use WUSA to install hotfixes”

Advanced XML filtering in the Windows Event Viewer        

Windows 2012: failure converting updates – reverting changes

Windows Update hangs and new updates are uninstalled after a restart The installation of: KB3058163, KB3058168, KB3092627 Causes during installation of those patches on Windows 2012 OS or greater – then reverting changes takes too long time. Which is not acceptable for a Server. Solution: Check the KB3064434: Change the key permission to full controlContinue reading “Windows 2012: failure converting updates – reverting changes”