Windows – Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center: Installation: You can install Windows Admin Center on the following Windows operating systems: Version Installation mode Windows 10, version 1709 or newer Desktop mode Windows Server Semi-Annual Channel Gateway mode Windows Server 2016 Gateway mode Windows Server 2019 Gateway mode Desktop mode: Launch from the Start Menu and connect to theContinue reading “Windows – Windows Admin Center”

Windows Client/Server activations

Reference articles and help to activate Windows (wks and server editions) in enterprise: Manage activations:   Download the latest Windows ADK (Assessement and Deployment Kit):    

Basic System and Network infrastructure for small companies

Recommended infrastructure for small companies (<25 persons): Network switch manageable: 1Gb per port minimum. Cisco catalyst, Netgear, Zyxel, HPE UTM appliance (FWnextgen, VPN, IDS/IPS): Antivirus / security agents : Windows defender (default recommended) EDR client software (crowdstrike / carbon black) Microsoft sysmon Windows server standard/essentials: Pizza-box, with MIRRORED disks (2×500 GB) for system and dedicated MIRRORED disksContinue reading “Basic System and Network infrastructure for small companies”

How to change Office 2010 – Office 2013 – Office 2016 MAK to KMS key?

To change the Office 2010/2013 installed with a MAK key to the corporate KMS office key, the following commands will be needed and can be scripted: Reference: Reference for Office 2016: For Office 2010: Run the following ospp.vbs from this folder c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14 For Office 2013: Run the following ospp.vbs fromContinue reading “How to change Office 2010 – Office 2013 – Office 2016 MAK to KMS key?”

RDS – No RD license server available on RD session host server!

Symptom: The RD session host server is installed properly The RD licensing server service is also configured properly however, I cannot access the RD server from a client computer, because a dialog box appear “The remote session was disconnected because there are no Remote desktop license servers available to provide a license” Workaround: Also:Continue reading “RDS – No RD license server available on RD session host server!”

How to detect rogue KMS hosts?

The aim of this post is to explain how to detect KMS hosts installed by mistakes. Since the new activation mechanism introduces by MS since Vista, most of sysadmins have many difficulties to understand the difference between Product Activation and Licenses management. Also, very often, sysadmins uses KMS host keys instead of KMS client keysContinue reading “How to detect rogue KMS hosts?”

Office 2010 and Volume Activation

Office 2010 recently hit the RTM milestone and is now available for download via a couple of different channels.  For admins looking at deploying it, one of the biggest changes they will see relates to license keys & activation.  For previous office deployments, enterprises would establish a volume license agreement with Microsoft and then theyContinue reading “Office 2010 and Volume Activation”