For maintenance reason you want to disable DFS target(s) or DFS namespace, to do that you can:

A) Create a Backup of DFS target folders:

you can use the dfscmd /view \\\dfsroot /batch >>backup_mydomainlocal_dfsroot.cmd

B) Test your restore: backup_mydomainlocal_dfsroot.cmd

C) Then you can now disable your dfsroot:

c.1) the method blow works also for 2003/2008 based DFS and greater) to hide a DFS root (for maintenance reason or before real removal phase):

you can rename the dfsroot from ADUC, advanced mode, go to system, DFS-Configuration container, select the dfsroot to rename, right-click rename (Add a “$” at the end of the name). On the client, when you try to access the root status using dfsutil /root:\\mydomain.local\dfsroot_newname$ /view , you get a  “system error – element not found”.

c.2 ) new method which were introduced in Windows Server 2012 (this does not work on 2003/2008-based DFS)

To enable or disable referrals by using Windows PowerShell, use the Set-DfsnRootTarget –State or Set-DfsnServerConfiguration cmdlets,


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