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How to export and import DHCP database

Note: be careful, when backup/restore DHCP. Remove the failover configuration on source DHCP before to perform a backup.


Try netsh dhcp export / import => this old method will not backup the FAILOVER settings. So it will help in your case to restore only the scopes.



A) Using the netsh command (OLD method):

To backup:
netsh dhcp server export d:\dhcpbackup\BackupFile.txt all

To restore:
Performing this task will create a file in the d:\dhcpbackup folder
Copy this file to the computer running Windows Server 2016 that will function as the new DHCP server.
You’ll need to install the DHCP server role on this computer and authorize the DHCP server in Active Directory before performing the following actions.
Open an elevated command prompt and run the following commands (this assumes you’ve copied the file to a folder named d:\dhcpbackup\)

Net stop DHCPserver
Del c:\windows\system32\DHCP\DHCP.mdb
Net start DHCPserver
Netsh dhcp server import d:\dhcpbackup\backupfile.txt
Net stop DHCPserver
Net start DHCPserver

B) Else using powershell (Recommended):

To backup:

To restore:


To implement a delegation to allow a new DHCP server in AD:

Modify the permissions on the DHCP server container object in Active Directory:

Type adsiedit.msc from Start > Run…
Expand from:
Configuration Container[your DC FQDN]

What we need to assign rights is:

1. Right click choose Properties.
2. Choose Security tab, advanced permissions,
3. Add the user or group you want to grant permission to Authorize a DHCP Server.
4. Grant Allow Full Control right (select “This object and all descendant objects”).

NOTE: You may also need to grant this user “Allow logon locally” rights to
that machine

IP Address Management (IPAM) in Windows Server 2012 is a framework for discovering, monitoring, managing and auditing IP address space on a corporate network. IPAM provides the following features:

  • Automatic IP address infrastructure discovery
  • Highly customizable IP address space display, reporting, and management
  • Configuration change auditing for DHCP and IPAM services
  • Monitoring and management of DHCP and DNS services
  • IP address lease tracking

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