Really nice presentation of the Office 365 launch project kick off from Continental that happened recently.

Continental is a globally acting company with 150K users, 500 locations in 50 countries.


Here are the projects/work streams they have put in place:

  • Project Business & Future Work Style – in charge of Business Requirements and driving the New Work Style
  • Project IT – launching O365 and decommissioning existing systems
  • Work stream Technical Integration – integrating into the existing landscape
  • Work stream Communication & Learning – find ways to train the 150K users
  • Work Stream Support Functions – dealing/coordinating Legal, Data Protection, Purchasing topics
  • Work Stream Future Work & Change – Design the journey for People to get into Office 365
  • Work Stream Service Management & IT Operations – including Testing
  • Work Stream Requirements & Solutions – bridge between IT and Business Topics

It’s a mixture of people from IT, HR, Legal, ….