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SQL performance counters are missing

SQL Performance Counters are Missing

 It’s possible to export Windows Performance Monitor Data Collector Sets from perfmon.exe and then reopen the template on a different machine.

If you have many performance data collector templates or many machines or both, you need an automated way to import the data collector templates.

An easier way is to use logman.exe to import the performance monitor data collector set.

Here’s the syntax: logman import -name “MyCustomMonitorName” -xml “MyCustomMonitorTemplate.xml” 

Create a batch file or Powershell script with that command for each data collector set and you can deploy multiple performance monitors to multiple machines quickly.


to start the data collector set from the command line: logman start “MyCustomMonitorName”

and to stop the data collector set: logman stop “MyCustomMonitorName”

Normally, if you have checked the box: Enable Data Management and Report generation (on DataManager tab of the DCS), you can access the REPORT.HTML report located by default on the output directory.

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