AD LDS resources

Main entry point: AD DS vs AD LDS – Active Directory solutions compared step1 – backup AD LDS: step2 – restore AD LDS: On MS Technet:   AD LDS Replication Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Practice Managing Replica AD LDS Instances Step 2: Practice Managing Site Objects Step 3: Practice Managing Site Link ObjectsContinue reading “AD LDS resources”

Best Practices for AD DS Backup and Recovery

The AD DS domain/forest recovery is a very complex procedure that requires regular hands on and proper isolated recovery environment (hyper/V or vmware isolated LAN). AD DS forest recovery guidelines and procedures: Some best practices for backing up and recovering AD DS: Backup DNS integrated zone data: dnscmd /enumzones > C:\Script\AllZones.txt for /f %%aContinue reading “Best Practices for AD DS Backup and Recovery”

Backup and Recovery, Wbadmin resources

Reference technet article: Backup and recovery overview: Use the Wbadmin Backup Command Line Utility in Windows Server 2008: Wbadmin and bare-metal-restore: