AD schema preparation and best practices

Les mises à jour du schéma sont irréversibles. Une fois répliquées vers les autres DCs de la forêt, il ne sera plus possible de revenir en arrière à l’état d’avant la modification. Puisqu’il n’est pas possible de réaliser un authoritative restore de la partition schema, seule la restauration d’une sauvegarde du system state sur tousContinue reading “AD schema preparation and best practices”

What is an OID and why does my company need one?

An OID (object identifier) is a numeric string that is used to uniquely identify an object. It is created by self-extending a private enterprise number that an institution has acquired. Typical objects that can be identified using OIDs include attributes in X.500/LDAP-based directories, certificate policies and practice statements, MIBS for network management and encryption algorithms.Continue reading “What is an OID and why does my company need one?”

How to extend the AD Schema ?

Introduction The aim of this article is to gives you the key points to extend the AD DS schema to add new class/new attributes or add new attributes to existing Active Directory classes. Web resources To request private entreprise number: AD schema conflict analyzer: Troubleshooting AD schema: Deprecated: OIDGen:Continue reading “How to extend the AD Schema ?”