Find and Remove SIDHistory

To find and to remove SIDHistory: Web resources: Remove SIDhistory: SIDHistory powershell module: With AD cmdlets:

Configure trusts to use SIDHistory

When users and groups are migrated using the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) or using Quest Migration Manager, there is an option to copy the SID’s of the objects in the source domain to the target domain. The reason for this is to allow migrated users to access resources which are still located in theContinue reading “Configure trusts to use SIDHistory”

Kerberos Token and Max Token Size – Group membership limits

Technical reference about Kerberos: White paper about Kerberos troubleshooting: Microsoft has published a tool called Tokensz: Microsoft has a detailed document about the token-bloat problem, Addressing Problems Due To Access Token Limitation: To step you through remediation on this MS whitepaper, we can read: Several factors can affect the outcome ofContinue reading “Kerberos Token and Max Token Size – Group membership limits”